Max Adventures NI



Max came into our lives in September 2018 as a 9 week old Beagle pup. From the word go, He loved adventuring, Hiking around the Mourne Mountains, Sperrins and Slemish. With Max enjoying the outdoors so much in ALL weather conditions, We needed products that kept Max warm and comfortable at the same time being able to withstand all the elements thrown at the product. We very quickly found a lot of products on the market are not up to what they say they are, This is when we started digging a bit deeper into the Canine market and found the array of products you see on our website today. We found the pawfect brands for Max and his adventures (Hence how he helped us pick our business name, Max Adventures NI) 1 Year on (August 2019), Max was introduced to his 8 week old baby brother Bear the Labrador, (Bear has his own ideas for the business which will be revealed in due course). Bear is still at a young age and being a bit heavier than max, isn't ready for the mountains just yet, Bear being a bigger dog means stronger pulling power, Perfect for putting our brands to a new kind of test, The test of being able to hold a 23kg pup without becoming lose around the important areas or worse....snapping! With our very different pups needing different results from their accessories, we found Rukka pets came up trumps! This is only the start of Max Adventures NI! All accessories on our website have been tried and tested by our very own Max & Bear, as mentioned earlier.....Bear has a few ideas up his sleeve too, We aim to add products as often as possible as well as adding new features and services through time. TERMS & CONDITIONS PRIVACY POLICY
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